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Are You Efforts To Heal Sciatica Doomed To Fail?

Are You Efforts To Heal Sciatica Doomed To Fail?

“The immune system of the human body has got almost all the features of adequately defending and healing itself.” This statement is strongly supported by most of the people. They also feel that a lot of extensive treatments and invasive medical procedures such as surgeries etc. are not required all the time. A certain proportion of sciatica sufferers especially turn to treatments which are permitted by the human body to cure the pain in the back, legs etc. and the other symptoms as they are non-invasive.

Some people use vitamin D to better their back pain. Vitamin D is one of those elements which are produced naturally in the body due to the chemical reactions which occur when the sun’s rays falls on the skin. Studies in the field of science and medicine have pointed out recently that deficiency of Vitamin D can cause some form of musculoskeletal disorder. A completely free and non-invasive way of obtaining Vitamin D is through sunlight and if that is not possible, you might consider adding supplements in your food intake.

Vitamin B 12 will also aid in the health of your bones and brain. The lack of this essential vitamin can lead to pernicious anaemia in extreme cases. Another symptom is the decrease in the degree of muscle control. The frequency and intensity of chronic and acute back pain can be effectively reduced by Vitamin B 12. Regular dose of Vitamin B 12 by sciatica patients would be an effective alternative as compared to invasive over-the counter medications. If your system lacks vitamin B 12, you can add it by consuming various meats and poultry.

The health of the central nervous system as well as of our muscles depends significantly upon a mineral known as magnesium. This somewhat under appreciated mineral (deficiency of it can also cause sciatica) is actually one of the most important trace minerals in the body. As per the recent researches in France and several European countries, in our human body, more than 325 biochemical reactions require magnesium. In case of magnesium deficiency, the best food sources are nuts, seeds, broccoli, carrots, spinach, chocolate and deep dark leafy greens.

The symptoms and pain of sciatica affected people can be countered by proper workouts and exercises. But, do you know the effect of something called yoga? Yoga is an activity that improves the natural flexibility and strength of the human body. A recent study showed that people with back pain had a reduction in flare ups due to yoga’s ability to strengthen and increase overall stability.

Bed rest is a less good option in comparison to exercises for reducing the sciatica pain. You might want to rest for the first day or two after your sciatica flares up, but after that, inactivity will make your back pain worse. With a lack of movement, your back muscles will become weak. This might result in back injury or strain. Extra pressure on your sciatica nerve is prevented due to regular exercise which helps in ensuring proper exchange of fluids and nutrients within the spinal discs and thus keeping them healthy.

Exercises should be done gently and regularly to build strength and flexibility. You should pay more attention on doing those specific workouts which includes specifically strengthening of the piriformis muscle as it is directly linked with your sciatica pain. You may be wondering as to what is the importance of the piriformis muscle! It is the same muscle on the inside of your buttocks through which the sciatica nerve runs through. If this nerve tightens, it puts pressure on the sciatica nerve. To stretch this muscle, lie flat on your back and pull your legs up to a 45 degree angle. Place your right leg over your left as if you are crossing them and gently pull them towards your chest until you feel the pull in your buttocks. Try to maintain this position for at least a couple of minutes. Switch legs and repeat the exercise.

Although it’s always best to first see your doctor when you experience sciatica pain or symptoms, it is not always necessary to fill your body with chemicals such as pain killers. In addition to lifestyle changes such as exercise, you can turn to natural choices to alleviate sciatica symptoms.